15-minutes of Fame Film Festival
            October 17, 2015

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Orlando, Florida

Produced by
Ray and Migdalia Etheridge

Doors Open
10am Show
"SOUTHERN ROOTS". 9-min. Drama. Fla/SC. Dir: Elizabeth Serral. 
"VOLITION". 7-min. Drama. Florida. Director:  Justine Renee.
"WHEN DOES LOVE BEGIN" 14-min.Wisc. Dir: Francisco C. Torres. 
"ONLY IN L.A.". 8-min. Comedy. Calif. Director: Rowena Pedrena.
"SEXY TEXIE". 3-min. Music Video. NY. Director: Gerard Mooney.
Brief Q&A session with filmmakers.
11am Show
"THE DEVILS DUE". 6-min. Suspense. FL. Director: Ricardo Lugo.
"THE FIRST OF THE MONTH"9-min. Dra. Mass. Dir: Kathy Aspden.
"FEAR THY NEIGHBOR". 15-min. Suspense. FL. Dir: Josh Goodman. 
"THE GIFT". 6-min. Music Video. Tennessee. Director: Chris Gero.
Brief Q&A with filmmakers
Noon Show
"AT THE END OF THE LINE" 6-min. Minn. Dir: Robert Kerr.
"RUBY WOO". 15-min. Drama. Florida. Dir: Kendall McCrory.
"THE WITHIN". 12-min. Sci-fi. CA. Director: Dennis Glasco
"SNACKTIME". 7-min. Ani. Dir: Lacey Hasson and Matt Sveum.
Brief Q&A with filmmakers.

1pm Show
"HALOTT FALU". 11-min. Horror. FL. Dir: Kurt deVries.
"THE OTHER PLACE".  Dra. FL Dir: Marcelo Martindale

"TO POLICE" 11-min.  Dra. CA. Director: Corey Deshon

"MY GIRL ROSE" 14-min. Dra. FL. Dir: Jordan Matthew Lewis
Brief Q&A with filmmakers.
2pm Show
"HEAR US by Maurice Griffin". FL. Dir: Theadford Christian.  
"CIVIL". 9-min. Dra. N.C. Director: Andrew Stacy Huggins. 
"LUST IN TRANSLATION". 14-min. FL. Dir: Benjamin Treichel. 
"CHOMP". 12-min. Horror. FL. Director: Lynne Hansen

Brief Q&A with filmmakers
3pm Show
"LESSONS IN LIFE". 4-min. Music. CA. Dir: Michael Nicklin.  
"THE LETTER". 10-min. Drama. Fla. Dir: Arwen Patterson.
"THE SADDLEMAKER". 7-min. Montana. Dir: Elliot Lindsey. 
"CHILD SERVICES". 10-min. Dra. FL. Dir: Kristen Edgerton. 
"ENCHANTED INK". FL. Dir: Brandon Scarry and Lauren Hart.
Brief Q&A with filmmakers.
4pm Show
"GENEVIEVE". 13-min. Drama. Florida. Dir: Dale Metz
"TRY AGAIN". 9-min. Drama. CA. Dir: Charles Pinion. 
"BYROAD". 9-min. Drama. Florida. Dir: Raymond Calderón. 
"LIFE AFTER DEATH". 11-min. GA. Dir: Patrick Peacock. 
Brief Q&A with filmmakers.
5pm Show
"ROCKET LAUNCH". 4-min. Conn. Dir: Stephan Galfas.
"THE DEEPEST CUT". FL. Dir: Dale Metz and Michelle Brown.
"TALK HELPS". 13-min. Drama. CA. Dir: Yazhen Zhang.
"THE PERFECT DISH". FL. Dir: Dale Metz and TL Westgate. 
Brief Q&A with filmmakers.

Award Announcements

The festival was held at the
6515 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819
Email the festival
And our winners are...

Best Music Video - "Lessons In Life"
Best Comedy - "Life After Death"
Best Drama - "Ruby Woo"
Best Horror - "Halott Falu"
Best Family Film - "Southern Roots"
Best Director - "My Girl Rose"
Best Editing - "The Other Place"
Best Cinematography - "The Gift"
Best Documentary - "The Saddlemaker"
Best Screenplay - "The Deepest Cut"
Best Animation - "Snacktime"
Best Action - "To Police"
Best CGI Editing - "Genevieve"
Best Sci-Fi - "The Within"
Best Ensemble Cast - "Talk Helps"
Best Suspense - "Fear Thy Neighbor"
Best Short - "Lust In Translation"

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